Aleks Sever has been described as an electrifying guitarist, composer and performer who is attracting an enthusiastic and rapidly growing audience worldwide. Aleks’ music has received rave reviews for it’s originality, passion and for her abilities as a virtuoso soloist. It's a strong and soulful adventure into the world of Jazz, Funk, Rock and Hip Hop. Aleks’s is Croatian and grew up in Germany. From a very early age, it was obvious that Aleks had the soul of an Artist. At 12 years old she picked up the acoustic guitar and later changed to electric, where she found her true passion. Aleks has been touring Europe, the US and Asia and while playing local clubs in Los Angeles attracted the attention of some of the world’s most respected musicians and has recorded with many of the world's best known players. 

Since the release of Aleks' newest CD “EXTRAVAGANT”, her music has been the subject of feature articles and interviews in Guitar Player Magazine, Guitar World, Guitar and Bass and others. In the cover story for the May 2017 issue of Guitar Player Magazine, Aleks has been selected as one of only 50 Sensational female guitarists worldwide, celebrating the Magazine's 50th anniversary.

" It only takes a few seconds of listening to Aleks Sever to recognize the fire and soul she brings to her music. Sever's knack for catchy melodies coupled with her impressive guitar chops is a recipe for success in the instrumental arena, and the guitarist's fearless approach, inventiveness and spirit of adventure make her latest album, Extravagant a gem. "
      -  Art Thompson Senior Editor, Guitar Player Magazine

"EXTRAVAGANT" highlights Aleks' depth as a composer, producer and soloist and her wide ranging inspiration, drawn from Hip Hop, Funk and the exciting days of Electric Jazz. Compositions like "Red Moon" and "Freak" have the wild energy and freedom that recalls the incredibly creative period of the early 70's in Electric Jazz. The melodic approach, deep grooves and moody atmosphere show her diverse influences from Artists like Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. Songs like "VIP" and "2Cool" have the intensity and rawness of the great Funk artists like Maceo Parker, James Brown, Prince and others who pioneered the genre. Aleks' ultra high energy approach to the guitar and her unique style are the thread that runs through the whole album and the songs are a perfect compliment to her brilliant and adventurous solos. “EXTRAVAGANT” features incredible musicians, including John Blackwell on drums (Prince/D’Angelo), Josh Dunham on bass (Prince), Bobby Sparks (St. Vincent, Snarky Puppy) on keyboards, Randy Brecker (Brecker Brothers) on trumpet, Keith Anderson (Kanye West, Erykah Badu) on Saxophone and Jetro Da Silva (Jamie Foxx, Stevie Wonder) on B3. The album was recorded at Beat 5 Studios in Los Angeles and Clear Track Studios in Florida. “EXTRAVAGANT” is a bold and compelling musical statement that shows Aleks’ extraordinary range of musicianship and commitment.

In 2012 Aleks released her breakthrough instrumental album “DANGER GIRL" which was critically acclaimed and attracted worldwide attention in the press. "DANGER GIRL" explores many different genres with searing guitar solos, deep melodies and undeniable grooves.  Songs like "Showtime" and "Joker" are perfect examples of a modern blend of greasy Funk/Jazz,  with a unique harmonic sense that takes the listener outside the box. "Nightclub Art" has a distinctive Rock/Pop feel that stretches the traditional limits with her effortless phrasing and fearless command of the instrument,  while "Wild Love" is an intense Blues based composition with a signature blend of tone and attack that make Aleks' style instantly recognizable. 

" There's something about Aleks' approach that grabs you instantly and makes you say, Whoa! "
     -  Guitar Player Magazine

" Sever’s latest release may very well catapult her to guitar-hero status "
     -  Premier Guitar

" Aleks is fantastic ! She is really playing with the instrument and making it breathe..."
     -  Gitarre und Bass (Germany)

 “DANGER GIRL” was produced by multi-platinum producer Matthew Hager and was recorded at “The Lair Studios” and “76 Steps Music” in Los Angeles. The album features an all star band: Oscar Seaton on drums (Lee Ritenour), Melvin Lee Davis on bass (Lee Ritenour, Chaka Khan), Deron Johnson on keys ( Miles Davis, Alanis Morissette), and an amazing horn section with Brandon Fields on sax, Walt Fowler on trumpet and Nick Lane on trombone.


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